--- IMPORTANT Yeah, I'm sorry to throw this at you guys like this, but as you've probably noticed, I've not posted in a while and I thought I should say something: I don't think I can continue running Complete Strangers due to time constraints now that I am going to University. If any of you wish to take over running the blog, email me please - I don't want it to die :O I've had a wonderful time with all of you, this blog has been a great experience and I thank you all for playing your parts so well ^_^ *wave* ~ Shiori/Kyoko

Do you think that Sakataki might have passed out from so much chocolate? Or that Kyoko-sama might've drowned? *starts freaking out* And whatever happend to Chokora's chocolate castle? Or going to find the other strangers?


But first, let's get those guys out of the closet! *stares at Hizuki*

Setsuna ^^;;

Ano...where did everyone go? It's getting awfully quiet inside the closet. I hope hime-sama and Sakataki-san are still ok. If not, maybe I should try to help them get out... but what if I mess up ;_;? I know! Instead of using magic, I can just slice the door open with the Li Night Sword. Hmmm...I wonder where it could be... *stares at Hizuki*

~ Yami

*looks at floor* Yay! We'll soon have a chocolate pool here, and we can swim in the chocolate... X3 But I should save Sakataki-kun and Kyoko-sama first. *freezes door*

~ Hizuki

I really dont mind all the chocolate at all *joins in licking the floor*

~ Widoshiiku

Well, I'd volunteer to help remove the door, but water can't really do much in this case ^^; Perhaps Hizuki should just freeze the door! Then we could smash it open *^^*

~ Mizuno

Wow, the floor is flooding with chocolate!! Hmmm...I wonder if I can eat eat it all up before it drowns us O_o.

*starts eating even more chocolate causing even more drunkeness*

~ Sakataki

Does anyone need help with opening the closet? I can blow up the closet door with ease, but i'm a little worried about what might happen to the contents of the closet...


Melting? The door? o.o; Why can't we just get Hizuki to freeze it or something? No, wait, I could do that, too. x.x;;

Where'd Sarai go? *looks around*


*hears gurgling noises*

Uh, Chokora, i think you might be drowning them, ni.... o_O;;

Worry not, Rin, Sarai the Thunder Stranger will help break open the closet with his Thunder Sword~!! *does a 5-second pose then runs off to change into his stranger outfit*

~ Sarai

*sniffs* Chocolate?
*stares at closet*
KYOKO-SAN!!! O_o;; whaaa... Sakataki is not only drunk on chocolate he's also completely high on it too. Maybe we should we start getting them out afterall, isn't it a crime to confine the princess against her own will? *nudges Hizuki*
Oh! Forgot! I burned the closet key hours ago...uh oh. *taps on closet door* Maybe we can break the door... everyone?

~ Rin

Ne, Chokora, let me try. After all, we do look alike...

*tries to imitate Chokora's voice* Nyo, let Yami-chan have some chocolate and she'll let you touch her ears, nyo. Eh...it doesn't work -_-...


*hands Chokora a staff made of chocolate* Here, now you can become a Chocolate Stranger! ^_^

*notices chocolate leaking out from the closet* *peeps in* Looks like they're stuck, Chokora-chan. *sweatdrop*

~ Hizuki

*bounces on Ginga's shoulder and drops chocolate into his bag* Chokora gets her chocolate from people all over, ni! Let Chokora demonstrate- it works best with Kyo-ko, but she's in the closet now...

*sits on King's lap* If you hand over some chocolate, Chokora will let you touch her paw...

~Chokora (who might be using cuteness to her advantage)

Before we do anything I have a question!....Chokora, where do you get all your chocolate?

~ Mizuno

*blush* Oh, hello Setsuna-san *smile*. Where did you come from? *thinks: It's really freaky how everyone just pops out of nowhere.* Want some chocolate *smiles sweetly*?

~ Yami

So, what do we now do, miina?

- Rin

(Okay, I'm here, don't boot me out please... x.x;;)

*eats sandwich and drinks tea* This is excellent, Yami! *puts arms around her* Speaking of food, where DID all this chocolate come from, anyway? o_O;

Setsuna, who is still alive...!!

*knocks into chokora's door* tweek or tweet! *hands paper bag filled with sweets up*

~Ginga dressed up as pikachu

*tastes chocolate* This chocolate is pretty good. Where do you get all your chocolate from, Chokora? What's this Chokoraland thing? Is it going to be an amusement park? It might be interesting...how may I help?



*hops up on Hizuki's shoulders and begins pouring chocolate through the hole in the closet door*

Because a day without chocolate is a day without sunshine. Ni, Kyo-ko...

*bounces over to Yami and gives her some chocolate* Will you help Chokora build Chocolate Land, though, ni?

~Chokora, niiii~! X3

Can I have some chocolate, too *smiles sweetly*? *nyo*

*thinks: Maybe I am related to Chokora after all.*

~ Yami

*still drunk* O_o

*hic hic* Kyoko-sama!!! *snuggles* *hic* What do you *hic* think of *hic* getting married and *hic* having lots of *hic* kids--- *suddenly falls over* Oww... *twitch twitch*

~ Sakataki

*peers in*

Kyoko~? Sounds like she's have fun. Ne, are you all hungry? Wanna take a snack break?


(GOmen for not signing for a while) waaa~! I feel left out~ What about me!!


*presses ear against closet* Goodness! What do you suppose is going on in there? *looks at Ginga*...*blushes*

Sakataki? Drunk?...Does anyone have a camera at hand? This could get interesting! *tries to get a better look*

~ Mizuno

*ears twitch* What's all the commotion? Is there a party? Now, where's Setsuna-san *smile*? He's such a loner.

Why are there weird sounds coming from the closet? Is Sakataki-san drunk? Isn't he a little underage to be drinking O_o? Hey, where did everyone get so much chocolate?

~ Yami

poof! *pops out grafitti*


O_O;;; Sakataki-kun... you just kissed me! Oh my *eyes bulge*

Oh, what the heck *smooches Sakataki back and then grabs some chocolate* - at least now we can get out, ne? ^_^; *blushes* Sakataki...

~ Kyoko-hime

OOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!! CHOCOLATE!!!! *grabs chocolate and munches*

Me? Drunk? Princess, whatever to you mean-- O_O;;

Wow, we *hic* sure are *hic* close together in *hic* this closet aren't *hic* we, Kyoko-hime? Have I *hic* ever *hic* told you how *hic* pretty *hic* you are? *suddenly gives Kyoko a big smooch*

*starts drunkenly singing Piece of Love*

~ Sakataki, high on chocolate XD!

Ok....now, who gave Sakataki chocolate? Doesn't he go crazy when eats that stuff? *thinks about it* Oh dear...

~ Rin

*looks as chocolate is lowered into closet and is eaten by Sakataki* Did you just eat... chocolate? :O And am I right in assuming you get drunk on chocolate? :O *blush* Oh my... '_';;;;

~ Kyoko

gwaaa...!!! *cries* widoshiiku-sama.. where are thou? i'm missing you already! *hugs widoshiiku plushie* and it's kinda weird no? you're (widoshiiku) suppose to be here and be protesting about kyoko and sakataki's current position! now, now.. don't tell me *sparkly eyes* ..that you've decided on giving up on kyoko-sama and came up on being with moi! <- looking dreamy

my little baby has now grown into a man! *sniff sniff*

ginga IS desperate >:D ...and is beginning to be autistic too ^^;;

*looks around* Everyone seems so bored. How about some music to cheer everyone up? Don't worry...I'm not going to sing. *turns on radio* Ahhhhhh...who put the volume on maximum?! *quickly turns off radio* Um...okay...let's forget about the music ^_^;.

~ Yami

*ties some chocolate to a string and lowers it into closet* *hears squirming, then munching noises* Ah, they're still alive. ^_^ *suddenly recalls that Sakataki-kun gets /drunk/ on chocolate* ... Oops.

~ Hizuki

ano... *knock knock* how long did they stay there in the closet anyway? is kyoko-sama still breathing? cuz she's been kinda quiet lately >_<


Here you go...sandwiches for everyone ^_~. *hands Sarai and Mizuno sandwhiches* And here's a chocolate one for you, Chokora *stare*. What exactly are you? Are you from the cat clan? I don't think I've seen you before though.

What's that Setsuna? A tea party? That'll be wonderful. How about green melon tea? I'll go make some right away. Being away from my clan is just lovely; I don't have to worry about anything now. *smile* Now I can focus on things I really enjoy doing. *hops off happily*

~ Yami

Hmmm...I wish these walls were chocolate. Then we could eat our way out of here =D.

*looks up and glares at his brother* What do you think you're doing!!! *blush blush* *mutters* Can't a guy get any privacy with a girl around here??

*whispers to Hizuki and Sarai* Help me come up with a good pick up line O_o.

~ Sakataki

*ears pressed to closet*


Yeesh, this isn't getting anywere. *kicks closet* We know how small the closet is.... Come on, Sakataki, make a move! ;P *squeezes next to Hizuki* Um... I can't see anything.... o_o

*turns and see chocolate wall* ...f..FOOD! *_*

~ Sarai

Rin, Setsuna, that was a brilliant idea! X3 *produces an oxygen cylinder with a pipe* Just 'in case they run out of oxygen'... ufufu. *makes a hole on the top of the closet silently using mysterious mazoku powers* ...mmm... *peeps in curiously... and gasps* Ooh! Sakataki-kun is really growing up... *wipes a tear and sighs contentedly* I need to get a video camera... ^_^

~ Hizuki *appears out of nowhere*

*stares in awe at Chokora's chocolate wall* o_o;

Ne ne! It's becoming awfully quiet in the closet now! *wonders whats happening*

~ Mizuno

Ara... you actually did shove them into a closet together. I approve, I do. ^_^

*puts headphones on*

yane no ue de sora o aogu, hizashi wa uraraka
miageru sora, karadajuu genki ga minagitteku

THAT'S SO WONDERFUL! ikiterunda!
yamerarenai, akirameru da nante...


~ Youjyu, stuck singing a very genki song...

*pokes Yami's leg*

Ni. Do you have anything chocolate for Chokora in the lunch you made?

And ni, Chokora decided it'd be good to start off Chocolate Land with a Chocolate Wing of the palace. *begins painting the walls with chocolate sauce* When it hardens- chocolate walls~! X3

~ Chokora

Thank you, Yami! *takes sandwich and smiles back* Now what should we do? Can we arrange a tea party for Toba's unbirthday? *keeps eating*


*hears Sakataki's stomoch rumble* Ah, it is ok, Sakataki-kun *smile*

You know what? things are really, really cramped in here, it feels like I'm leaning right against someone...I..I.. O_O;


Sakataki! I'm so sorry! I had no idea I was leaning right on you *turns away* *BLUSH* ^^;; eh heh...*embaressed*

~ Kyoko

*wonders how much air there is in the closet*

Your cooking looks delightful Yami, whats in it?

~ Mizuno

*blush* Er...what are we supposed to be doing in here? It's too cramped to move around.

Did I hear lunch? *tummy grumbles loudly* *sweatdrops* Gomen, Kyoko-sama!

Those other strangers sure are...evil...*cough cough*

~ Sakataki

*claps hands* Hehe... good one, guys! ^_^

*pulls stool and sits by closet* Uh, I'm gonna sit here and, er, listen to their long conversation.... (and pick up some pointers to score on Mizuno ^^v) *secretly watches Mizuno clinging onto Ginga enviously*

Hey, Setsuna, if you're not gonna eat that....thing Yami cooked, can I go first? ;P *rumbling stomach*

~ Sarai


Yami-san! Daijobou! I pushed them in! heehee.
*takes key and burns it* *whispers to everyone else* This is so fun, ne? I haven't had done this for a long time. =p
*knocks on door* Kyooookooo-hiiime! Ok in there? Sakataki-san, doing well? You two have fun, ne!

I suppose they will have a long conversation in there!


~ Rin........hehehe

*gasp* Oh no! Strangers are disappearing! Where did Kyoko and that guy go? Hey, what's that closet doing in the middle of the room? Anyways, is anyone hungry? I made lunch for everyone. Don't worry...I made it by hand, so there won't be any spells backfiring. My cooking isn't that bad, but then again, I never tasted the things I cooked ^_^;. Here, Setsuna, you can be the first to try *smile*.

~ Yami

Sakataki... it is awfully cramped in the closet *blushes*. I wonder if they will let us out soon... ^_^;

~ Blushing Kyoko

new window XD

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